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More About Us

I like to eat well and support local producers who are growing healthy food.


 In the past, I would try to eat as locally-based a diet as possible, but that meant:  early mornings lugging my market items home on the bus, making a separate trip to the whole foods store, having a CSA box arrive and trying to eat through it in a week, and still having to go to a conventional grocery store. 

It was complicated. 

If you have kids, a job, a budget, forget it! 


Now, of course, we are dealing with rising food costs and international crises that can affect our food supply. Our family grows in our back garden, but we can't do it all. 


We have so many beautiful farms and small businesses in Nova Scotia, and the only way they can grow is if we support them.

Maritime Local Delivery is my way of eating well,

and helping you to do so too.  

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